About Us

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           Located near the nationally recognized historic town of Jacksonville, in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon, Valley View was originally established by pioneer Peter Britt in the 1850’s. The winery ended with Britt’s death in 1906. The name was restored in 1972 by Frank and Ann Wisnovsky and family for their vineyard and winery planted in the beautiful Applegate Valley just nine miles from Jacksonville.
            The Applegate and Rogue Valleys offer a large variety of soil types and micro-climates that allow a great diversity of grape varieties to be grown. Because the Applegate Valley is considerably sunnier, warmer and drier than elsewhere in western Oregon, Valley View concentrates on Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Viognier, Syrah and Tempranillo at our estate vineyard. Valley View is also famous for Rogue Red, a blend of seven varietals and the best selling Oregon blended red wine.
            Valley View produces a variety of wines which will please every palate. The Valley View label represents premium quality wines at very affordable prices. The Domaine Rogue label represents the finest wines produced and is only available in the best vintages.
             Wherever you are in Southern Oregon, Valley View wines are nearby. Add to the pleasure of Southern Oregon by visiting the Applegate Valley wine pavilion, a beautiful drive from Medford or Ashland or by asking for Valley View wines at most fine restaurants and wine shops throughout Oregon. Valley View wines can also be mailed to most states. Check out the Order Wines page or call 800-781-9463.
Michael Brunson~ Director of Winemaking 
 Mike Brunson was raised in Sonoma County, California. During his first years in college Mike volunteered at Sky Vineyards where he helped with pruning to pressing and everything in between. It was this first taste of winegrowing/winemaking that set the course for adventure, his mind on a new romance... With a keen sniffer and a proven pro palette (Thanks Bruce Cass!), Mike realized he had the natural born tools to be really good at this. He continued his education in the wine biz working at a few wineries down in Santa Cruz before landing at River Run Vintners. It was here that JP Pawloski introduced Mike to his vineyard sourcing throughout CA. It stimulated Mike’s interest in the impact that different regions have on grapes/wine. An interest and understanding that continues to grow and improve today.
A move back North to Sonoma County landed Mike at Michel-Schlumberger where he took on updating the cellar with new equipment and procedures and a 100 acre vineyard replant with a conversion to organic farming. It was here with 15 estate varieties and a custom crush facility that Mike had the opportunity to make wine for other winemakers such as Merry Edwards, Guy Davis, Daryl Groom...learning a little bit more each vintage.
In 2012 Mike took over at Christopher Creek Winery which was a great opportunity to really dial in his artisan style of winemaking. Mike increased the production of wines from 10 to over 40 wines with a strong focus on making the best Pinot Noirs from unique vineyard sources. After nearly a decade at “The Creek,” Mike decided it was time for a professional challenge in Oregon (where he has many family members) and moved North to join the family at Valley View Vineyards. He brings his interest, experience and expertise to Valley View with grand hopes of creating the best wines this special spot is capable of.


At Valley View we honor people, our land, and our products through integrity-based farming methods. We pride ourselves on responsible site stewardship, regardless of potential convenience. Wherever possible, low intervention winegrowing techniques are used, allowing for the well-preserved landscape to shine through in our wines. Our unique traditions combine old school knowledge with modern technology to grow the finest grapes that the Applegate Valley can possibly grow. Pollinator friendly gardens and cover-crops are planted for our on-site bee hives as well as other native pollinators. Old vines with deep roots allow us to use minimal amounts of water. Permanent, full-time vineyardists steward the land and are part of the Valley View family; without them none of this would be possible. We are transitioning towards a LIVE certification and Zero Till. Our pledge is to respect the natural environment and achieve our farming goals free from harm to people, wildlife and waterways.  

Thanks you for supporting our family’s winery!
 Mark & Michael Wisnovsky